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This year has been a first for my boss and I… We could not choose which design we liked the best. WOW & congratulations a job very well done!!!

Stacey has been my designer for Yoga Rocks the Park and Friday Night Yoga CLub for years now. She is very creative and always delivers work that is in line with my vision but always exceeds how great I thought it would work. She is great at picking up the phone whenever I call and is wonderful hitting deadlines.

This looks great Stacey!…We really enjoyed working with you and getting a fresh perspective on a stale piece. Thanks for the prompt work, we really appreciate it!

I have been working with Stacey now for the past 6 months and she is incredible. I co-founded a yoga and music festival and all of our needs were ones in which we had to begin from scratch. Stacey is able to take an idea, even at its vaguest, into a masterpiece. I am extremely impressed with her work and look forward to more of her designs.

YYYEEEESSSS!!! I love it…It’s so cool, Stacey. It really is. I’m THAT excited about it. Oh I can’t wait for the website.

Thank you, Stacey! I’ve really enjoyed working with you, thanks for everything!

You knocked this one out of the park!!! Karen loves it… Thanks for doing this so quickly!!!!

LOVE IT!!! You are like finding a treasure chest….I LOVE the new graphics!!! God you’re good….did I already say that???:-)

Stacey has helped us refocus our brand image. We started working together with a new corporate logo, she now produces all of our print advertising. Her work is fantastic, she takes our broad promotional and marketing ideas and truly infuses them with life. In addition she works quickly, she is on time, and is fun to work with. Most importantly her work multiplies the value of every $ we spend on advertising. She will produce results.

Stacey Lane designs is a life saver. When I first started in business I knew nothing about graphic design, websites, business cards…. Stacey was able to design a logo and present a consistent marketing image for me throughout all of my materials.

Thank you Stacey for making me look like the true professional!

Stacey does a significant amount of design work for us at customearpiee.com Including, mailers, brochures, instruction books and banners. Stacey Lane Design has an exceptional record of on-time performance of a superior product. Though Stacey is quite an accomplished artist, what works for me is that she can take my vision and translate it into something better than I envision. It has been a great benefit to our business that we discovered Stacey Lane Designs!

Eye appeal sells books. Without it, readers don’t pick up your work. The quality of the image and what it conveys have a huge impact on the success of the project. Stacey’s work designing “Searching for Tendulkar” had a direct influence on India’s decision to begin playing baseball with 1,000 teams starting in May. Because of her talent, the nation has taken up a new sport. Stacey captured the essence of the cover design on the very first try, which is a testament to her talent. I recommend her work to anyone searching for an effective and professional blend of creative color and design.

Stacey is amazing! She is prompt, professional, and incredibly talented. She took the time to learn about our business and personal tastes, and was able to nail exactly what we wanted in a logo. I would highly recommend her services, and will definitely use her for any marketing needs in the future.

Thank you so much for helping me create a logo that I’m proud of and love. I so appreciate your guidance and listening skills. It feels warm, yet modern, approachable and profeisoanl and I am thrilled!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my crazy attitude about my website!!! I value your creative, brilliant, sensitive, open mind and heart. I don’t know how you charge, but that does not matter to me. I know the quality you represent!!! Thank you for the “gift” of you!!

Got a call from Montana dentist. He was on the ADCPA website, no dental CPAs in Montana, he said he called us first because we had a great website. Thanks!

I’m absolutely loving the cards. So different in every way! I am so enjoying handing out my cards.

Oh my goodness, I just downloaded them, and they are all beautiful!! I love them.

Thanks for the beautiful work you did and the speed. It will be wonderful to meet you in person. It seems that you are such a beautiful person.

Great work as always!

This is AWESOME! I LOVE the design.YOU are the BEST!

Thank you for these. May I just say (again), I love your work!…And quite frankly, you rock!

Hi Stacey. They are lovely, like the top one too. We truly appreciate all your work…Thank you for being such a wonderful person. I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past year.

OMG! It looks sooo AMAZING! You’re brilliant…YOU ROCK! Thanks so much…Everything else is soooo great! I love it.

Stacey has been wonderful to work with. Not only did she do an amazing job, but she was able to get it done very quickly. She knows how to bring out the ideas a person may have, but has been unable to create on their own. I would highly recommend Stacey Lane for any graphic design project. I continue to use her for my own personal needs as well as the needs of my business.

I am absolutely astounded at what you have done to improve the website of Holy Cross Orthodox Church! Thank you! I am even more astounded that having done all that you didn’t join the parish! (haha) But, seriously, Thank you and God Bless you for your great sense of art and balance. It looks great! Blessings!

I hired Stacey Lane Design in 1999…to create a unique company logo. I have enjoyed positive name recognition and like it’s originality. Stacey Lane Design was genuinely concerned about my satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of my business partner and handled both of us very well when some of our ideas were very different. Stacey remained very professional throughout the creative process. She has always honored a professional approach to my satisfaction and produced the final product in a timely manner. I would most certainly hire Stacey Lane Design again for any of my graphic needs.

Thanks for the good work. I think it’s a really nice site…Judy was very pleased. I find it always hard to please artists and she describes it as very yummy.

Stacy, they are beautiful! I never considered black. I love it!!!